Welcome to the Ledendecker Research Group website!  

The group concentrates on the preparation of heterogeneous catalysts and on their electrocatalytic evaluation. 

News Highlights

November 2023 - Ezra leaves with a scholarship to Stanford for three months. Congratulations and good luck!

October 2023 - Linnéa Björk starts her PhD, welcome Linnéa!

October 2023 - Marc, Timo, Guilherme and Julio present their findings at the 244th ECS meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden.

August 2023 - Guilherme Fortunato starts his position at TUM and Julio Lourenço joins the team with a scholarship from FAPESP. Welcome!

June 2023 - Sumin Lim starts his PhD at TUM CS. Welcome Sumin!


Mai 2023 - Timo, Jisik, Marko and Ezra present their results at the 243rd ECS meeting in Boston, USA

Mai 2023 - Pallabi Bhuyan started her new position at TUM, welcome!

February 2023 - Philipp Pfeifer starts his PhD in the group. Welcome Philipp!

September 2022 - Marko received a poster price for his work at "Electrochemistry 2022" in Berlin, congrats, Marko!

September 2022 - Marc starts his new position as a professor at TU Munich and part of the group moves to TUM Campus Straubing.

April 2022 - Check out our thoughts on coupling thermo- and electrocatalysis with Simon Freakley and Guilherme V. Fortunato.

January 2022 - The SFB "Iron Upgraded" receives funding with participation from our group! 

February 2021 - Jisik Choi and Marko Malinovic start their PhDs. Welcome!

June 2020 - Timo Imhof starts his PhD at TU Darmstadt, welcome!

April 2020 - Ezra Koh starts his PhD in Marc's group at TU Darmstadt. Welcome Ezra!

January 2020 - The group officially starts :)

Are you a student or scientist looking for a new opportunity? We have open positions available for Post-docs, PhD students, and master students. If you are interested in learning more, please click here. To apply, please send an email to marc.ledendecker@tum.de.